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Apps to help the kids out with their maths

With school projects and class tests upon us once again, finding a few useful resources that may help the kids out can be extremely beneficial. With the world of technology growing with each and every day, the availability of fantastic learning resources online increases exponentially.

Many kids struggle with maths from a young age and a helping hand along the way could be exactly what they need. With kids more tech savvy than ever, they love to get their hands on smartphones and tablets and will love exploring the world of online learning in this way. Here we outline three of the best apps to help your kids out with their maths skills:


Math Puppy
Math Puppy is a fun bingo game for kids to teach them basic maths skills. Suitable for children of all ages, Math Puppy allows kids to master their maths skills in a fun and supportive environment. Kids will love the cute puppy cartoons throughout the game, encouraging them to continuously improve.

PopMath Basic Math
PopMath is a simple game, allowing kids to master their addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills. Pairs of bubbles float on the screen, with the goal being to pop each pair at each level. Kids are rewarded with fun sounds and end of level animations to keep them motivated and entertained.
Available in android version here

Khan Academy
Khan Academy is an extremely successful non profit educational organisation offering users access to thousands of micro lectures, video tutorials and practice problems for free. The website covers a wide range of subjects, including maths. This app now allows kids to use Khan Academy on a smartphone or tablet.
Viewer for Khan Academy available in android version here
Visit the Khan Academy website here

Add your suggestions for apps to help with maths below.

For information on lots more learning resources on click here


Google Support

(25/07/2018 22:01)

App has different work. Kid needs a smart education and apps help good role in their education. I have found good info about the app for music and apps on

Johin Miller

(24/10/2018 17:43)

Nowadays everything is becoming digital so why not education, and yes there are lots of apps for different sectors, standards, you can choose apps according to your need.
And of the best website for learning is khan academy.
if you want to learn about Maps, GPS then you get information from here

Max Brown

(12/11/2018 11:04)

This is awesome and i learned alot of adivces, thanks alot ! I will definitly create an app for a french site and submit to some of these.I'm wondering if they accept foreign languages or just english.

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